ordinary nomad mark wetzler

Jesus Cristo this picture was taken a long time ago, by my friend Greg Miller at Frostline Photography. Check out his website. Look at that first picture! Not in my current life or all my subsequent lives will I ever take a picture as good as that. And as for the picture to the left one day we were messing around in his studio and I was wearing a McDonald’s hat from Soldotna, Alaska, and the moons aligned to produce this toothy mess.

Anyway. Welcome to Ordinary Nomad. I’m your host Mark Wetzler and on this site I will take you on journeys around the world. But more than anything I’ll take you along on the journey that is my life, trying to figure stuff out, being in my 30’s, trying to make money, etc. etc. Although I realized the other day that you never have it figured out. “Trying to figure it out” is actually just your life. And if you let the “trying to figure it out” business bring you down or become a bad thing, you’ll just be perpetually disappointed.

But enough with the cheap philosophy. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m moderately glad you’re here. And though this statement will be outdated in just a few seconds, I’m going to do what I usually do in the morning whenever afforded the opportunity: I’m going to go for a walk.