My name is Mark and I’m from Washington State. Thank you for coming to my blog. My blog is called Ordinary Nomad because if you take the letters in Ordinary Nomad and mix them up you get Dromedary Tirade, which is significant for me.

I grew up in Colorado, Minnesota, and then finally, Washington State. I consider Washington State home and will probably always do so. I like honey. I like matcha lattes. I like soccer. I like Christian Pulisic. I like classical music. I like surfing. I like Nicaragua. I like Colombia. I like Chile. I like Argentina. I like getting on planes more than getting off planes. I like going through customs. I like taking taxis. I like mate.

A few pictures:

This is a beach in Chile outside a small town called Carelmapu. I used to go here to camp and surf when I was living in Puerto Montt in 2013. I worked at a bed and breakfast mostly talking to the (mostly) Argentinian guests.

This is me right before taking a dip near my parents’ house.

This is Barrow, Alaska, aka the furthest north city in the United States of America. I went there for the winter solstice in 2009 (I think). I was studying Finnish at the time and dating a girl that might’ve been a quarter Japanese. I watched a lot of Dexter while I was in Barrow.

And here’s me with a nosebleed in Alaska after jumping in the 30 something degree Kenai River. I worked in Alaska for a summer. This was back when I was young.

I hope you enjoy this blog! If you have any suggestions for how I can make it better let me know! If you’d like to support it with a small monthly donation you can do so here.

–Mark Wetzler

Guadalajara, Mexico, March, 2018